Goody's On The Beach has been locally owned and operated by Adam & Beck Franks since November 2012.

The restaurant and cafe grew over time with a lot of hard work and love.

It was a weekend favorite lunch spot with live musicians strumming away in the background while customers enjoyed the stunning views and relaxed vibes.

Over the years they added in a gift shop and holiday accommodation above the restaurant, Goody's Guest House.

When new social distancing measures came in and all dine in areas were deemed off limits the business evolved and added in a corner store and a full delivery service to look after the local people.



Adam & Becks consider themselves very lucky to have an awesome team of staff. Some of which have been with them from almost the beginning!

They love supporting the younger generations and teaching them new skills that will then serve them as they finish up school and move on to their next phase of study or life.

In their time at Goody's they have had 3 children of their own, Ivy (2015), Ada (2017), & Bo (2019). They can sometimes be seen hanging around the shop 'helping' Mum and Dad or riding co - pilot for a food delivery.